DermaV Laser Treatments available at CPSC.

At Central Perth Skin Clinic we are excited to be able to now offer treatments for some skin conditions with the Lutronic DermaV Nd:YAG laser. As the first clinic in WA to purchase the DermaV, we are able to offer treatment options for pigmentation and vascular/erythematous (red) skin conditions.

Treatments we offer:

  • Reduction in pigmentation and/or redness (erythema) and improvement in skin texture of sun damaged skin
    • Face, neck, decolletage
    • Poikiloderma (neck)
  • Reduction/removal of pigmented lesions including freckling, solar lentigo, seborrheic keratoses, melasma, light brown birthmarks etc
  • Improvement in conditions with erythema (redness) – rosacea, post-inflammatory erythema, active acne
  • Removal of/improvement in vascular lesions including spider and cherry angiomas (Campbell de Morgan spots), telangiectasia (superficial vessels), venous lake, port wine stains, red birthmarks
  • Improvement in some scarring – examples include acne (atrophic scarring), reddened scars
Before and after treatment of superficial facial vessels. Image provided by Lutronic.


If you wish to consider laser treatment for any of the above conditions, please make an appointment to see one of our doctors to discuss your concerns. You will need to make a Laser Consultation appointment prior to any treatment. This can be combined with a full skin check at the same time if you wish. At a minimum you will need to have checked the area that you would like treated to ensure there is no evidence of skin cancer prior to any laser treatment.

Please note that laser treatment is not suitable for everybody nor is it suitable for all skin types, and all treatment options for your concerns will be discussed on an individual basis.

Important Information

Please note, for us to be able to safely and effectively perform treatments with the DermaV Laser, the following conditions should be met prior to any and every treatment. Please note that often more than one treatment is required to achieve a desired outcome.

  • No unprotected UV exposure 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • No fake tan applied within 3 weeks of treatment. This Includes gradual tan and tanning moisturizers
  • No antibiotics or change in medication 4 weeks prior to treatment, including photosensitising medication
  • No oral retinoid use with in the past 12 months
  • No fillers 6 weeks prior to treatment
  • No wrinkle relaxes 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • No active infections or open lesions in the area to be treated
  • No active cold sores, open lacerations or abrasions in the area to be treated
  • No chronic or cutaneous viral, fungal, or bacterial diseases in the area to be treated
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding

To ensure your skin is clean and free of any product, have a shower prior to your appointment. Do not apply any makeup, deodorant or lotion to the area being treated. We do provide a skin cleanser and alcohol wipes at our clinic to remove any product you may have forgotten to remove.

Please note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, so before proceeding, if you have any concerns, please seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Laser Treatment Fees

For a guide as to the fees associated with laser treatments, please view our pricing  – Laser price list.

How much does it cost to for laser treatment?

Costs of laser treatments vary significantly depending on the condition treated and number of treatments required. These will be discussed with you during your consultation and prior to any treatment taking place. A guide to laser fees can be found on our fees page - click on "Learn more" below. Some conditions may attract a Medicare rebate for treatment with a laser, however not all treatments we offer attract a rebate. Consultations are charged at the same rate as skin check appointments, if you combine a skin check with a laser consultation it is likely that the consult will be longer appointment. A guide to laser fees can be found on our fees page - click on "Learn more" below.

Want to discuss laser treatments?

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