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Mole & Skin Cancer Check

The skin check consultation is generally 10 - 20 minutes and begins with a discussion regarding your skin concerns including the nature, symptoms and history associated with any spots.

Laser Treatments

We are very pleased and excited to be able to offer laser treatments for some skin conditions on our new DermaV laser from Lutronic. We can offer treatments for skin conditions that cause redness and pigmentation.

Total Body Photography

Total Body Photography is available at Central Perth Skin Clinic. This involves having photographs taken of the whole body to provide a base line for future skin checks and this can be repeated at regular intervals to monitor for new skin lesions developing or changes in existing lesions. Total Body Photography is in addition to any photographs taken in a skin check by the doctor.

Skin Lesion Biopsy

When there is a concern that a skin spot might be a skin cancer then a biopsy is taken to find out more information and establish the diagnosis.

Treatment of skin cancer

If a skin cancer has been diagnosed, then depending on the type of skin cancer and location, there may be different ways to treat it. Our doctors will discuss with you the treatment options and together a management plan made.

Removal of cysts and lipomas

Cysts and lipomas are common benign lesions, but they can cause discomfort and they can be visible or irritating. They are generally able to be removed under local anaesthetic and through a cut in the skin significantly smaller than the lesion.

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