Skin Cancer Awareness – Lesion 2

Skin Cancer Awareness – Lesion 2

Lesion 2 - Superficial Spreading Melanoma

This is the second in a series of images aimed at raising awareness of skin cancer. We will present photographs of actual patients from Central Perth Skin Clinic who have been diagnosed with a skin cancer. In doing so, we hope that it will show various different skin cancers and how they can present. We will only publish photographs from patients who have provided consent.

Lesion 02 – Superficial Spreading Melanoma

This spot was first noticed on a 22 year old male after he trimmed his beard – originally it was flat but after noticing it growing and becoming thicker he presented to get it checked.
An excisional biopsy was performed at CPSC and the pathologist confirmed it was an invasive melanoma (subtype = superficial spreading melanoma). He has had further surgery by a plastic surgeon to complete treatment and now attends CPSC on an ongoing basis for regular skin checks.

If you have a spot that looks different, is changing, or is like a sore or pimple that doesn’t seem to get better, please get it checked.


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